What is Fall Guys ?

What Fall Guys is

The latest craze on Twitch.Tv is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a game centered around squeaky little critters that compete in a vast series of mini games  to be the last player standing. It’s an incredibly fun little game that feels like a combination between the famous Battle Royale and a Cartoon targeted to little kids .


Each mini game  begins with 60 players who have to overcome various challenges to qualify for the next round and survive. It doesn’t take a lot of time to sample all of this little game’s mini games , but there’s quite a lot of variety to keep things fresh, and most of the mini games are pretty challenging  and fun.


 There are a bunch of obstacle courses and mini-games, like memory matching, football, and an egg hoarding challenge . The controls are simple and only took me a few minutes to master; you can only run, jump, dive, and grab things.

Why should i play fall guys ?

Fall Guys Mini Games

Fall Guys is a brand new and beautiful new game, it has the perfect style to the year 2020.

Before Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, Battle royale games used to feel fast and exciting to me, but they’ve largely become dark and boring forgotten games with awkward weapons and too much waiting time. Fall Guys avoids these mistakes by simplifying the battle royale genre, cutting out a lot of waiting time, and offering plenty of lovely  and fun times.

When I loose on Fall Guys, I often end up laughing at myself. If you get disqualified, it’s easy to start  a new game and get going playing again without much waiting.

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And even if you qualify through to the end, most matches only last about 20 minutes from the starting point  to the finish line .

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