Rogue Company Scorch Guide

Introduction to Scorch

Scorch Rogue Company Character

Scorch is currently regarded as one of the best Duelists that you can choose in Rogue Company.

Scorch is an incredible choice if you want a Character that can deal very high amounts of damage in a relatively short amount of  time.

While Scorch is very good at taking out enemies by herself, she doesn’t really provide much utility to the team , so if you have a bad match and just cant really seem to hit your shots, you can’t set up your teammates to get the kills like Dallas can for example with his Target Finder Trait.

Scorch's Loadout

Rogue Company Scorch Weapons

While Scorch can be a real force on the battlefield , you first need to understand to use her weapons to get the most out of her.

Scorch’s main weapons are the SL-C and the Arbitrator, while playing Scorch is really important to try to get up close to your enemies because your weapons are specialized for close to medium range .

 We advise to pick your fights carefully and please dont challenge the enemy Phantom’s Sniper or Dima’s KA30  from a  long range.

We recommend buying the SL-C  over the Arbitrator in almost every scenario , as we believe it can be effective at a higher range compared to the Arbitrator, which is a shotgun.

We also recommend to use the SL-C Because combined with her signature Trait  Overheat  which allows her weapons to set her enemies on fire and deal damage over time can absolutely demolish her enemies .

PlayStyle and Traits

While playing Scorch on offensive you really need to be among the first people on your team that enters the site , as a Duelist it is really important to try and entry frag as much as you can.

While you are on the defensive side  you should try and let your enemies get closer to the site you’re defending so you can utilize her close range weapons at their highest potential.

Her Signature Overheat Trait is arguably one of the most powerful traits in the entire game, the damage you can burst with this trait combined with the SL-C SMG can really take her enemies by surprise with the massive amounts of damage she can put out.

On the other hand, her other Trait called Fireproof  which allows her to be immune to fire is the worst trait in the game because it just doesn’t provide much except for protection against incendiary grenades.

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