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Cheap Rogue Company Boosting Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Rank Boosting is basically one of our boosters going into your account or duoing with you from another account until you reach your desired rank in Rogue Company.

Our rogue Company Boosters  Are Top Ranking Players .

We have perfected our system to ensure the safety of your Rogue Company account  during the boosting process.

Some of the methods we use to ensure maximum privacy & security are:

1. Using a very premium VPN Service.

2. Using Offline Mode.

After the Payment is Recieved  one of Our Professional Boosters Will Pick up the Order and Start it .

After You Make The Payment Please Log Out of Your Account So That The Booster Can Log In and Do His Job , 

If you Wish For The Order to Begin at a Specific Time Rather Than Immediately , Please Tell us by filling the  the ”When Should My Order Begin ?” Tab We Placed on the Checkout Page.

If The Order Is Already Paid, You Can Tell Us To Pause The Order After We’ve Added You On Discord.

You Can Only Log In If Our Booster Is Logged out, you can only do so AFTER Contacting Us  and we confirm  the  booster is logged out.

 If you log in while  the booster is playing, then there is  a big risk you will kick  the booster out of the game and  your progress will get affected  in a bad way . 

Please Contact Us only Via Discord or Live Chat !

We Give Progress Updates On Discord,  After You Make Your Order We Will Add You On Discord And We Will Tell You When Our  Booster Is Logged On, The Progress That He Made , When It Will Be Finished, And Any Other Additional Information That You Request .     

You Can Also Add Us If You Want, Here Is Our Official Discord: Cheap-Boost#1212.

1. We Offer the Cheapest Boosting  Services In the Entire Industry.

2. Thanks to our loyalty Program ,  the more you buy from us , the cheaper  our services become !

3.  our services are the highest quality you can get , because we are a  realatively new company for us to succed we have to offer the highest level of service to our customers .

4. our boosters are paid very well compared to other sites and we offer them rewards if their performance is exceptional , this motivates them to do their best  while boosting your account !

No, Its Not A Problem At All. 

Simply Wait For The Discord Friend Request That Will BE Sent To You Automatically After You Make Your Order

We Will Ask You On Discord For The Security Code  If You Have 2 Step Authentification  Enabled.

You Can Also Add Us On Discord , Our Official Discord Is :   Cheap-Boost#1212

No, Never! Boosters are never going to speak to your friends or join their party invites.

Are Our Rogue Company Boosting Services Good For You?

For Some Rogue Company Players  Getting Their Desired Rank Can  Be a Real Challenge Due to Time Constraints / Trolls , ETC

 Ordering Your Rogue Company Rank Boosting   Service From Cheap-Boost Will Get That Burden Off Your Shoulders

We Have a Large Group of High Rank  Boosters Who Are More Than Capable Of Getting Your Dream Rank.

Buying Our Rogue Company Rank Boosting   Service  will Not Only Get You Your  Desired Rank For The Cheapest Price  But We Will Also Finish It Fast.

Buying a Rank Boosting  Service  From Us  Is Extremely Simple, All You Need To Do Is Select Your Current Rank And Your Desired Rank !