When will the New World Preview Event Start and How to Participate .

New World Preview Event

In Just 4 days on August 25  Amazon Game Studios will  host its first Preview Event which many people have been asking for a long time.

 While they did a stress test a while back , players were not able to discuss the game in detail because of the NDA that was put in place.

After the stress test  concluded,  gamers we”re left with a bad taste because they wanted to play more and sadly the stress test only lasted a few days and the fans we’re left wanting more Gameplay for Amazon’s upcoming MMO, New Wolrd

Today, the developer announced  that a brand new  New World Preview Event will start on August 25   The goal of this is to see how the latest multiplayer updates hold up and to hit a higher number of concurrent players than before.

 Gamers can participate in the event only if they are granted with a key which they are able to earn through a few methods.

How Do I Participate In The Event ?

New World Art

Amazon Game Studios has stated that the invitations for the event will not be sent all at once , instead they will send the invitations in waves , 5 waves to be exact and because the event only lasts for four days that should mean each day there will be a wave of brand new players coming to the New World Party !

Here Is The list of Players Eligible for Invites to the event :

New World Preview Event Invites

What Exactly is Amazon's New World ?

New World is an upcoming Territory and Faction control MMO  from Amazon Game Studios. The team focuses is currently focusing on balancing the PVP System that the game will have as they faced a lot of backlash from angry fans that claim the game is not focusing enough on PVP .

The Developers at Amazon Game Studios now face a real challenge  as they have been under a lot of stress from the community that criticize them constantly for their decisions to change the game from one extreme to the other .

The game has been delayed a few times but we finally have a concrete release date. The Developer announced the game will release in early 2021 so better buckle up while you can to test out the game during the New World Preview Event.

Want to Learn More About New World's Preview Event ?

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