New World First Impressions

New World First Impressions

What is New World MMO ?

New World is Amazon Game Studio’s upcoming MMORPG that is currently scheduled for a Spring 2021 Release after it already had it’s May and August 2020 releases delayed already.

This game features a vast Open World , Classless Action Combat similar to Dark Souls, a big focus on Crafting and Gathering Materials, PVP in the form of Huge Scale Territory Wars and PVE in the form of World Bosses, Invasions and dynamic spawned Corrupted Breaches withing the World of Aeternum.

What are our first impressions of the game?

New World Review


After trying out the game during the Preview Event my thoughts on the current state of the game are as follows:

1. The World  is my favorite aspect of this game, the scale of the trees , buildings and monoliths as well as some of the World Bosses ; the density of the vegetation , the graphics,lighting and weather effects are just gorgeous and make it very easy to get immersed into the game.

2. The Sound Effects are really good , the sound effects for leveling up , killing mobs, crafting gear and getting loot are really satisfying and feel very ”Punchy” and  impactful which is exactly how they are supposed to feel.

3.The Soundtrack is just a masterpiece in my opinion, it can make you feel relaxed when it is supposed to be and on the other hand it can get the blood pumping in your veins when traversing a hostile area.

4.The Combat System – I really like what they’re trying to go for with the combat system, we’ve never had a Dark Souls styled combat system in an MMO before so overall I like the general direction that the developers have chosen but it still needs a lot of work for the system to be experienced at it’s maximum potential.

5.Charting Landmarks – This can be a fun mechanic although there should be some kind of Achievement system with some rewards for fully charting and entire zone, maybe incentivize it by having a Fog of War to enhance that feeling of exploration.

6.The Crafting – I really enjoyed the Crafting and Gathering system that the developers implemented into the game , it’s really simple and the RNG aspects of it does manage to give you a feeling of excitement ; I also like how the trees are physically falling down when you cut them , rocks breaking apart and so on.

7.Weapons – I find it really cool that you can level up every weapon in the game, this is helpful in case you get bored playing a playstyle you can easily switch to another one and this at least gives you something to grind on at level 60.

8.The Reputation System – I like the reputation system that each zone incorporates, it’s fairly simple but it just adds that little sense of progression while leveling up.

New World Problems

1. The Combat a lot of the time feels pretty clunky, pretty much every ability roots you in place with a lengthy animation lock,

the i-frame on the dodge roll feels inconsistent, abilities don’t register on enemies sometimes, the combat struggles with DE-SYNC and if you’re attacked by more than one enemy at once you will be stagger locked to death which is not very fun at all.

2.Global Cooldown – I don’t like how all the abilities on your weapons share a global cooldown, this mechanic basically disincentivizes players from using multiple weapons which lowers the depth and the skill level of the combat.

3.Shallow Weapon Mastery Trees – We believe this system is too basic at the moment and doesn’t offer the players with a sense of choice like it is supposed to.

4.Questing System – New World has one of the most boring quest systems I’ve ever seen in an MMO and it needs a complete rework.

Every main quest will make you kill mobs,search chests, run for 10 minutes to an NPC and do the same things just in a different area.

One way they can improve the system is to take for example the dynamic events from Guild Wars 2 and try to find a way to implement them into the game, currently the only viable way to level up is to just spam faction quests and grind mobs.

5.Lack on Enemy Variety – There just isn’t enough variety to the enemies you find in the world of Aeternum, there are only about 5 types of skeletons, pirates, corrupted¬† and angry animals copy and pasted around the world; they need to add enough diversity to make each zone have it’s own flavour

6. Copy and Pasted Towns – The game needs more unique assets when it comes to buildings, all the towns currently present in the game feel like they we’re copy pasted with the buildings arranged differently.

Out in the world while questing all the farm houses look the same and it gets to the point where it feels like there are only 3 or 4 building variations currently present in the game.

7. No Swimming Animation/Mechanic – This needs no explanation

8. The Character Creation System lacks a lot of features that you would expect from a modern MMORPG

9.Inconsistent Sound Volumes – Some abilities have either too quiet or too loud sounds.

10.Lack of Visual Diversity – Everyone’s character looks almost the same due to a lack of diversity in regards to weapons, armor and cosmetics.

11. The Player Collision can be abused by other players to block you inside buildings, which often have only one exit door.

Also the player collision system just doesn’t feel good in combat with over 40 players blocking each other just makes a very anti fun experience.

12. Vaulting and Climbing  obstacles is very inconsistent.

13. The Quest UI doesn’t seem to work properly for anything more than 3 quests at a single time and different quest types aren’t visually displayed on the map

14. The Territory Wars are probably the worst implementation of a Siege mode i’ve ever seen in a MMO, first of all you need to run across the map to sign up which can take as long as the war will last, the leader of the attacking guild is chosen at random which means that a random one man guild can end up owning an entire settlement, the battle itself just lacks scope and doesn’t feel epic like it does in other games like Guild Wars 2 or Lineage 2 ; the combat mechanics and lack of smoothness as well as the infinite stagger en up making this entire mode a complete mess.

15.Factions in New World lack consequences, it doesn’t impact you in any way which faction owns what territory.

The only impact factions seem to have is tied to Faction PVP Quests.

15. The Open World PVP lacks incentive and feels pointless; you get next to no rewards for killing other players and due to how easy it is to run away from a fight almost every kills comes as a result of beign outnumbered; the only purpose for PvP Flagging in New World is for the PVP Faction Missions which dont actually require you to do any PVP.

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