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So let’s talk about Brave New World, which is a new original series on Peacock, which is a new streaming series.

This is a series that’s adapted from Ottis Huxley’s book ” Brave New World”. And it was kind of often compared to nineteen eighty four, but the key difference between nineteen eighty four and Brave New World is that while nineteen eighty four was kind of picturing this authoritarian future where people were constantly being watched and never having any privacy.

 Brave New World pictures this future where it’s a utopian society where people are kind of they stop caring about anything and simply go about their days being held captive by the pleasures that this world has to offer

They have this drug called Soma, which kind of just takes away all their feelings that are negative or any really strong emotions.

In This Kind of Society you’re supposed to participate in all these orgies as a society. And basically they’ve tried to eliminate anything that can cause people to have conflict.


The Aspects of This Adaptation

 One of those aspects is individuality, and it’s an interesting world  which I believe that in as much as people will find this series entertaining, I think it’s because of the concepts that were already present in Huxley’s book, and I think that there’s a remarkable pedigree here with Grant Morrison actually being one of the writers behind the scenes that is bringing this adaptation to life.

The supporting cast is good, not just the leads in Harry Lloyd and all Aaron Reich and Sybil from Downton Abbey, but the supporting actors are quite good as well, with some very, very nuanced work from several performers, with the exception of Demi Moore, who seems to be doing her best impersonation of Jessica Lange and Ryan Murphy show.

The Problems With This Show

.This is definitely a case of a show taking way too long to get to the point, it went on for nine episodes and I really feel like it could have been much better at four or five episodes, which is really, really short but I just feel that the series just went on too long.

And second, I feel that there is this tension between what Huxley was trying to say and what the writers of the show were trying to say that never got completely resolved, because I think that the writers of the show were trying to adapt his novel but they kind of create this dialectic with Huxley because they obviously don’t agree with many of the things that he was arguing.

Huxley was actually quite scandalized by the expanding sexual morality of his day, and his book was kind of a response to that in kind of a, you know, idea of what’s going to happen if this trend continues. And his assumption is that society will devolve into non-stop orgies.

And he sees this very much as a bad thing, whereas the writers of the show are kind of struggling with this tension because in their minds, obviously, many of the arguments that the characters in this utopian society make against monogamy might seem like they’re logical to these writers.

Creates this dialectic where they question, is Huxley right or would this character that old Aaron Reich is playing who shows up in this brave new world, as it were, and coming from a culture that the people in this utopian society view as savages.

And he creates disorder and chaos and ultimately a lot of violence. And the show runners seem to actively question, is Huxley right or is the society the best that we can hope for? Is individuality helpful or harmful? And it’s never really resolves itself. It’s not something that the show really has a clear answer for.

 I feel that they added a lot of sci fi elements into this work without considering how it would impact Huxley’s themes. And they, at times, as I said, seem to actively disagree with what Huxley was trying to say in this book. So it creates a very, very strange dialectic.

 As I said, I think that of the cast, Hereward Lloyd is easily the best performer. He’s kind of perfected these manchild petulant characters that are very, very anxious about protecting their turf. And there were scenes here and it was very obvious to me that he knew exactly who Bernard this character he was playing was.

 And I really thought that he had amazing chemistry with the character that All in Erdreich was playing. And I really enjoyed their scenes together. But for the most part, I felt that Aldan Aaron Reich was kind of a dud of a lead, at least in Solo. 

He kind of had this swaggering charisma that he gained from doing a Harrison Ford impersonation. But here I just feel that his character, which very obviously is not meant to be a straight up hero, I feel like this has a similar mentality about heroes that Brian Herbert does in Dune and Dune Massiah where beware of following them, beware where that will lead you.

 And that’s a very interesting aspect to explore. But considering we’re spending so much time with Aldan air strikes character, we should actively care about him. And because he’s so often undercut by the script, I feel like it’s a struggle to do that. Jessica Brown, Findlay, she’s fine. I don’t think she’s an amazing actress, to be honest. I don’t think she’s anywhere near the level of the two male leads. 

 I think that her character is really just here to have a female lead. They don’t really do much with her for the most part. And whoever was designing her costumes did a horrible job because she’s like the only member of the cast that to me looked remarkably unattractive physically a lot of the time. 

And I know that she’s a very attractive actress. So I thought a very, very strange that they couldn’t find costumes that made her look good. Overall, I found this a bit of a slog and I feel like there was way too many orgy scenes. But I think that that was the only thing that the producers could come up with to make this show entertaining, because when they’re exploring this world, there’s only so much you can do before you’ve run out of world exploration. 


New World First Impressions Sun, 06 Sep 2020 14:28:07 +0000 New World First Impressions Read More »

New World First Impressions

What is New World MMO ?

New World is Amazon Game Studio’s upcoming MMORPG that is currently scheduled for a Spring 2021 Release after it already had it’s May and August 2020 releases delayed already.

This game features a vast Open World , Classless Action Combat similar to Dark Souls, a big focus on Crafting and Gathering Materials, PVP in the form of Huge Scale Territory Wars and PVE in the form of World Bosses, Invasions and dynamic spawned Corrupted Breaches withing the World of Aeternum.

What are our first impressions of the game?

New World Review


After trying out the game during the Preview Event my thoughts on the current state of the game are as follows:

1. The World  is my favorite aspect of this game, the scale of the trees , buildings and monoliths as well as some of the World Bosses ; the density of the vegetation , the graphics,lighting and weather effects are just gorgeous and make it very easy to get immersed into the game.

2. The Sound Effects are really good , the sound effects for leveling up , killing mobs, crafting gear and getting loot are really satisfying and feel very ”Punchy” and  impactful which is exactly how they are supposed to feel.

3.The Soundtrack is just a masterpiece in my opinion, it can make you feel relaxed when it is supposed to be and on the other hand it can get the blood pumping in your veins when traversing a hostile area.

4.The Combat System – I really like what they’re trying to go for with the combat system, we’ve never had a Dark Souls styled combat system in an MMO before so overall I like the general direction that the developers have chosen but it still needs a lot of work for the system to be experienced at it’s maximum potential.

5.Charting Landmarks – This can be a fun mechanic although there should be some kind of Achievement system with some rewards for fully charting and entire zone, maybe incentivize it by having a Fog of War to enhance that feeling of exploration.

6.The Crafting – I really enjoyed the Crafting and Gathering system that the developers implemented into the game , it’s really simple and the RNG aspects of it does manage to give you a feeling of excitement ; I also like how the trees are physically falling down when you cut them , rocks breaking apart and so on.

7.Weapons – I find it really cool that you can level up every weapon in the game, this is helpful in case you get bored playing a playstyle you can easily switch to another one and this at least gives you something to grind on at level 60.

8.The Reputation System – I like the reputation system that each zone incorporates, it’s fairly simple but it just adds that little sense of progression while leveling up.

New World Problems

1. The Combat a lot of the time feels pretty clunky, pretty much every ability roots you in place with a lengthy animation lock,

the i-frame on the dodge roll feels inconsistent, abilities don’t register on enemies sometimes, the combat struggles with DE-SYNC and if you’re attacked by more than one enemy at once you will be stagger locked to death which is not very fun at all.

2.Global Cooldown – I don’t like how all the abilities on your weapons share a global cooldown, this mechanic basically disincentivizes players from using multiple weapons which lowers the depth and the skill level of the combat.

3.Shallow Weapon Mastery Trees – We believe this system is too basic at the moment and doesn’t offer the players with a sense of choice like it is supposed to.

4.Questing System – New World has one of the most boring quest systems I’ve ever seen in an MMO and it needs a complete rework.

Every main quest will make you kill mobs,search chests, run for 10 minutes to an NPC and do the same things just in a different area.

One way they can improve the system is to take for example the dynamic events from Guild Wars 2 and try to find a way to implement them into the game, currently the only viable way to level up is to just spam faction quests and grind mobs.

5.Lack on Enemy Variety – There just isn’t enough variety to the enemies you find in the world of Aeternum, there are only about 5 types of skeletons, pirates, corrupted  and angry animals copy and pasted around the world; they need to add enough diversity to make each zone have it’s own flavour

6. Copy and Pasted Towns – The game needs more unique assets when it comes to buildings, all the towns currently present in the game feel like they we’re copy pasted with the buildings arranged differently.

Out in the world while questing all the farm houses look the same and it gets to the point where it feels like there are only 3 or 4 building variations currently present in the game.

7. No Swimming Animation/Mechanic – This needs no explanation

8. The Character Creation System lacks a lot of features that you would expect from a modern MMORPG

9.Inconsistent Sound Volumes – Some abilities have either too quiet or too loud sounds.

10.Lack of Visual Diversity – Everyone’s character looks almost the same due to a lack of diversity in regards to weapons, armor and cosmetics.

11. The Player Collision can be abused by other players to block you inside buildings, which often have only one exit door.

Also the player collision system just doesn’t feel good in combat with over 40 players blocking each other just makes a very anti fun experience.

12. Vaulting and Climbing  obstacles is very inconsistent.

13. The Quest UI doesn’t seem to work properly for anything more than 3 quests at a single time and different quest types aren’t visually displayed on the map

14. The Territory Wars are probably the worst implementation of a Siege mode i’ve ever seen in a MMO, first of all you need to run across the map to sign up which can take as long as the war will last, the leader of the attacking guild is chosen at random which means that a random one man guild can end up owning an entire settlement, the battle itself just lacks scope and doesn’t feel epic like it does in other games like Guild Wars 2 or Lineage 2 ; the combat mechanics and lack of smoothness as well as the infinite stagger en up making this entire mode a complete mess.

15.Factions in New World lack consequences, it doesn’t impact you in any way which faction owns what territory.

The only impact factions seem to have is tied to Faction PVP Quests.

15. The Open World PVP lacks incentive and feels pointless; you get next to no rewards for killing other players and due to how easy it is to run away from a fight almost every kills comes as a result of beign outnumbered; the only purpose for PvP Flagging in New World is for the PVP Faction Missions which dont actually require you to do any PVP.


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Rogue Company Scorch Guide Mon, 31 Aug 2020 10:49:08 +0000 Rogue Company Scorch Guide Read More »


Introduction to Scorch

Scorch Rogue Company Character

Scorch is currently regarded as one of the best Duelists that you can choose in Rogue Company. 

Scorch is an incredible choice if you want a Character that can deal very high amounts of damage in a relatively short amount of  time.

While Scorch is very good at taking out enemies by herself, she doesn’t really provide much utility to the team , so if you have a bad match and just cant really seem to hit your shots, you can’t set up your teammates to get the kills like Dallas can for example with his Target Finder Trait.

Scorch's Loadout

Rogue Company Scorch Weapons

While Scorch can be a real force on the battlefield , you first need to understand to use her weapons to get the most out of her.

Scorch’s main weapons are the SL-C and the Arbitrator, while playing Scorch is really important to try to get up close to your enemies because your weapons are specialized for close to medium range .

 We advise to pick your fights carefully and please dont challenge the enemy Phantom’s Sniper or Dima’s KA30  from a  long range.

We recommend buying the SL-C  over the Arbitrator in almost every scenario , as we believe it can be effective at a higher range compared to the Arbitrator, which is a shotgun.

We also recommend to use the SL-C Because combined with her signature Trait  Overheat  which allows her weapons to set her enemies on fire and deal damage over time can absolutely demolish her enemies .

PlayStyle and Traits

While playing Scorch on offensive you really need to be among the first people on your team that enters the site , as a Duelist it is really important to try and entry frag as much as you can.

While you are on the defensive side  you should try and let your enemies get closer to the site you’re defending so you can utilize her close range weapons at their highest potential.

Her Signature Overheat Trait is arguably one of the most powerful traits in the entire game, the damage you can burst with this trait combined with the SL-C SMG can really take her enemies by surprise with the massive amounts of damage she can put out.

On the other hand, her other Trait called Fireproof  which allows her to be immune to fire is the worst trait in the game because it just doesn’t provide much except for protection against incendiary grenades.

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Rogue Company Characters Tier List Sat, 22 Aug 2020 07:24:15 +0000 Rogue Company Characters Tier List Read More »

Rogue Company Characters Tier List

Hi-Rez’s Rogue Company is gaining speed across all the gaming platforms in the  entire world. Now the player base has had time to test out different Rogues;

There seems to be a feeling that this a very unbalanced game. And we could not agree more. Here is our opinion that we concluded after many games  on the strength of the Rogues currently present in Rogue Company’s Beta .



Ronin Rogue Company Character

Ronin is an incredibly powerful character in Rogue Company, her Ballistic Knife ability offers her incredible offensive potential and her grenades are extremely powerful for taking enemies out of cover.

Ronin has one of the most powerful loadouts in the entire game, her KA30 Assault Rifle is the most powerful and at the same time an obvious choice, but she can also equip her Katana which she can  throw at her enmies.

Information in Rogue Company is one of the most important assets you can muster during a match, and that is why it makes Ronin’s Sixth Sense one of the best Perks you can buy during a match.

The ability to know if another Rogue within 25m is looking in your direction or directly at you is very valuable information which professional Ronin players will use to their advantage.


Dima Rogue Company Character

If you want to play a BAD ASS chartacter then look no further than Dima.

Dima is the type of character for people who just wanna do loads of damage!

Dima’s Loadout consists of two very powerful rifles: The Mamba and The KA30, since Dima can choose between 2 rifles during a match he has an intrinsic advantage over the other Rogues when it comes to the Weapon Arsenal.

When it comes to his abilities Dima doesn’t fall short either, his MIRV Launcher allows Dima to equip a devastating cluster grenade launcher , which as you might have guessed does A LOT OF DAMAGE !

On top of his very powerful arsenal , Dima possesses by far the best Perk in the game when you are fighting multiple enemies at once .

Life Drain Allows Dima to heal for a significant amount  over a short duration after downing an enemy Rogue.



Saint Rogue Company Character

Saint is an incredibly powerful character in Rogue Company, his Revive Drone ability sends a Medical Drone to revive a downed friendly Rogue anywhere on the map, this ability alone offers him incredible utility, combined with his Medical Expertise makes Saint a must have Rogue in every game .

Saint’s go to weapon is the MLX Mark 4 Assault Rifle .

Saint’s Gameplay revolves mainly around helping your teammates , to be effective while playing Saint you must remain alive long enough to help your teammates.

Saint’s Helping Hand significantly reduces the time it takes to revive a downed teammate.

Saint’s Bounce Back can dramatically reduce your health  regeneration delay, this ability makes Saint very hard to kill.


Scorch Rogue Company Character

Scorch is an incredible character for dealing loads of damage to a single enemy in a very short period of time.

Her Overheat ability makes her firearms set enemis on fire , dealing a lot of damage over time.

Scorch’s Loadout consists of a Shotgun : Arbitrator  and an SMG : SL-C     

 Scorch has some of the best weapons in the game, the only drawback is that they require you to be up close to your enemies to be effective,  the SL-C combined with her Overheat trait can MAUL an enemy to his death  in an instant  if he is close enough.

Scorch’s Replenish Perk makes her a real threat even while fighting multiple enemis at once,

HeadStrong Allows Scorch to be a little more durable  compared to other Rogues, giving her an edge in every one on one fight .



Lancer Rogue Company Character

Rogue Company is a very fast phased game , so playing a character that is all about speed like Lancer can  be a smart idea.

Lancer’s go to weapon is the 24S SMG .

Lancer’s Gameplay revolves mainly around using your high speed to rush your enemies and take them by surprise , to be effective while playing Lancer you must be playing very aggresive , using your high speed to your advantage.

Life Drain Allows Lancer to heal for a significant amount  over a short duration after downing an enemy Rogue

Lancer’s Stalker Perk removes aim down sights movement speed penalty , this perk in combination with Lancer’s Quick and Quiet ability makes her a really strong Rogue.


Chaac Rogue Company Character

Chaac is  a monster when it comes to self sustainability .

If you want a simple character that does not rely on your teammates to be successful then Chaac is the Rogue for you !

Chaac’s Stim Pack ability allows you to Overheal yourself for a duration or revive yourself while downed. 

Who needs teammates when you can revive yourself, am I right?

Chaac’s Passive : Grit allows you to get out of harm’s way when you get downed by gaining increased health and the ability to dodge roll.

Combining Chaac’s abilities with his Life Drain perk can make him an absolute pain in the ass to play against .



Talon Rogue Company Character

Talon’s primary weapon is the D3D-i a very unique and powerful Rifle.

Talon‘s Radar Dart allow him to equip a radar dart that, when thrown, attaches to surfaces and detects nearby enemies on your radar. 

Compared to other agents,Talon does not specialize on damage , he is a character than can provide both information and utility for his team.

Talon‘s Life Drain perk provides him with  a  good amount of self sustainability, which is something that I love to see on any Rogue.

He also has the Sixth Sense perk, one of the best perks in the game.


Dallas Rogue Company Character

Dallas is the best information gathering Rogue in the game. While Talon must actively think about where to track, Dallas just needs to press a button and tracks the closest enemies to him. 

Using his signature ability called Target Finder at the start, you can track if the enemy team is moving towards a specific site or if someone is lurking from behind. 

If Dallas downs one of his marked opponents , then Target Finder will reset, which means he can use it again and again and become a force you dont want to mess with .

 Dallas has one of the best pistols in the game. 

 The smart and the well-aimed players will find Dallas a their favorite Rogue.



Glitch Rogue Company Character

 Gl1tch is about finding nearby electronics and Rogues in his immediate area.

 Gl1tch can make pushing a site very easy thanks to his Semtex Grenade and his Flahbang .

For the well-coordinated, Gl1tch has a lot of potential, but is not really a character for new players.

Without  coordination, Gl1tch may as well be the worst Rogue in the game for the average player. With the skill ceiling and need for teamwork, Gl1tch sits in D tier as he is a high skill  Rogue.


Phantom Rogue Company Character

Phantom is Rogue Company’s only Sniper,  a high risk high reward character.

When it comes to Phantom if you wanna be effective with her and not be shouted at by your teammates then your sniper aim needs to be on point.

Phantom’s  LR15 Fullbody  Is the only sniper in the game , but you need two shoots to the body or one headshot  to kill one enemy .

Phantom’s  Grievous Wounds Passive allows her to delay the enemy’s health regeneration which makes putting the second bullet into your enemies to finish them off a whole lot easier .

Phantom could easily be in the S tier character if you have godlike aim, but if you dont maybe you are better off to stick with Scorch or Dima.



Anvil Rogue Company Character

Anvil is not only the most boring characters  you can possibly pick in Rogue Company , but we argue that he is also almost the worst one.

His Barricade ability deploys a  modest sized shield that blocks damage and movement. While the shield can be useful, it’s way too small and a part of it can easily be destroyed with just a few bullets.

His Immunity passive which protects him from flashbangs and EMP abilities is the only reason why this character is not in the F tier.


Vy Rogue Company Character

Vy is a character centered on slowing her enemies and making them taste her poison, and while the idea doesn’t seem bad she is much less powerful than the other characters.

Vy‘s Vile Poison allows her  to create a cluster of poison pools that reduce enemy’s maximum health. This ability is very bad, no enemy will stand in her                                poison pools and even if they do it still takes a very long time for the poison to take effect.

 Vy is simply not as useful on the team as Saint or Dallas so I see no reason really for picking her.




Trench Rogue Company Character

Trench is the worst character in the game.

He is supposed to be a defender character , the problem is that his Barbed Wire Grenade can easily be destroyed, the slow isn’t even that strong and it can also slow his teammates.

His weapons are all around mediocre, nothing special.

And he is almost useless on offense.

Conclusion? Dont pick Trench !

UPDATE: Scorch Got Nerfed !

What is Fall Guys ? Sat, 22 Aug 2020 02:31:11 +0000 What is Fall Guys ? Read More »

What Fall Guys is

The latest craze on Twitch.Tv is Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, a game centered around squeaky little critters that compete in a vast series of mini games  to be the last player standing. It’s an incredibly fun little game that feels like a combination between the famous Battle Royale and a Cartoon targeted to little kids .


Each mini game  begins with 60 players who have to overcome various challenges to qualify for the next round and survive. It doesn’t take a lot of time to sample all of this little game’s mini games , but there’s quite a lot of variety to keep things fresh, and most of the mini games are pretty challenging  and fun.


 There are a bunch of obstacle courses and mini-games, like memory matching, football, and an egg hoarding challenge . The controls are simple and only took me a few minutes to master; you can only run, jump, dive, and grab things.

Why should i play fall guys ?

Fall Guys Mini Games

Fall Guys is a brand new and beautiful new game, it has the perfect style to the year 2020.

Before Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout, Battle royale games used to feel fast and exciting to me, but they’ve largely become dark and boring forgotten games with awkward weapons and too much waiting time. Fall Guys avoids these mistakes by simplifying the battle royale genre, cutting out a lot of waiting time, and offering plenty of lovely  and fun times.

When I loose on Fall Guys, I often end up laughing at myself. If you get disqualified, it’s easy to start  a new game and get going playing again without much waiting.

Players Who are not very good at the game shouldn’t feel discouraged, that’s why we are here after all In regards to fall guys boosting we will offer various services

And even if you qualify through to the end, most matches only last about 20 minutes from the starting point  to the finish line .

So why dont you join the

Party With Our Offers !

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When will the New World Preview Event Start and How to Participate . Fri, 21 Aug 2020 02:37:57 +0000
New World Preview Event

In Just 4 days on August 25  Amazon Game Studios will  host its first Preview Event which many people have been asking for a long time.

 While they did a stress test a while back , players were not able to discuss the game in detail because of the NDA that was put in place. 

After the stress test  concluded,  gamers we”re left with a bad taste because they wanted to play more and sadly the stress test only lasted a few days and the fans we’re left wanting more Gameplay for Amazon’s upcoming MMO, New Wolrd

Today, the developer announced  that a brand new  New World Preview Event will start on August 25   The goal of this is to see how the latest multiplayer updates hold up and to hit a higher number of concurrent players than before.

 Gamers can participate in the event only if they are granted with a key which they are able to earn through a few methods. 

How Do I Participate In The Event ?

New World Art

Amazon Game Studios has stated that the invitations for the event will not be sent all at once , instead they will send the invitations in waves , 5 waves to be exact and because the event only lasts for four days that should mean each day there will be a wave of brand new players coming to the New World Party !

Here Is The list of Players Eligible for Invites to the event :

New World Preview Event Invites

What Exactly is Amazon's New World ?

New World is an upcoming Territory and Faction control MMO  from Amazon Game Studios. The team focuses is currently focusing on balancing the PVP System that the game will have as they faced a lot of backlash from angry fans that claim the game is not focusing enough on PVP .

The Developers at Amazon Game Studios now face a real challenge  as they have been under a lot of stress from the community that criticize them constantly for their decisions to change the game from one extreme to the other .

The game has been delayed a few times but we finally have a concrete release date. The Developer announced the game will release in early 2021 so better buckle up while you can to test out the game during the New World Preview Event.

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