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The booster was amazing

Singlehandedly was a perfect booster!! he completed the order very fast and with a very very good KDA, I will definetlely come back here.


27 September 2020

It was good

The boost was good but it took a bit longer than quoted . other than that I can’t complain


29 September 2020

fast and straight to the point

the service was as described, nothing to complain 🙂


27 September 2020

Amazzing good!!

smth was my booster!
really really quick and great service.
Communication worked perfectly. If I have another concern, I will definitely come back to him.


25 September 2020

good service

Service is legit, and customer service was best and fastest I’ve ever received. I sent message to the online chat, and had a booster within 10 minutes of sending my first message to them already in a match.

Lorene Clazone

23 September 2020


Satisfied with my experience my booster was singlehandedly. Got the job done fast and very good communication with the live chat with booster. Was a little expensive but overall happy!


21 September 2020

Very Good

Everyone on this website is so professional its Awesome. My booster was super cool and seriously have zero issues. These are the best in the biz and for  such a low price as well

The Loyal One

20 September 2020


The service was good and cheap, nothing to complain 🙂


19 September 2020

Good boosters and amazing overall

Fast services, reliable, and professional. Highly recommend! My booster was fantastic as well, best wishes to him


17 September 2020

Very good service

Always kept in communication, prices were really good and was done to a good standard, only qualm is it took a bit longer over what was originally quoted. Thats just nitpicking though.


15 September 2020

Just amazing!!

Amazing service and amazing customer care , just leave your tension to them because they will take care of it ! Amazing ❤️


3 September 2020

good for the money i paid

customer service chat was easy to with with. fast games. thank you


29 August 2020

very good

I dont normally leave reviews, but oddly enough i felt compelled to leave one for 2 reasons; 1- The customer service was not a robot and took literally seconds to respond to questions and solved a couple of small issues instantly for me. 2- They are very affordable, and dont cover their website in frills and BS. Its straight to the point and easy. Bonus- They are so polite!!


5 September 2020

Awesome Services

Would 100% recommend! They give you time frames and stick to them aswell as are patient and Always ready to help! And ovcorse they get the results! Don’t waste ur money anywhere else! Highly recommend


29 August 2020

Good customer support

Fantastic service, super polite and friendly booster, and all around easy to navigate service.


1 September 2020

Cheap Fall Guys Battle Pass Boosting Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes ! All our Boosters are recruited after being tested, investigated about and verified to be legitimate people that deserve to work with us, their only job is to be professional and fulfill your Fall Guys boosting needs.

In addition to this, Steam Authenticator notifies you if anyone tries to trade from your account. Which means your inventory is Totally Safe.

We have perfected our system to ensure the Safety of your Fall Guys account during the Battle Pass Boosting process. 

Some of the methods we use to ensure Maximum Privacy & Security are:

1. Using a very Premium VPN service.

2. Using Offline Mode.

After the Payment is Recieved one of our Professional Boosters will pick up the order and start it.

After you make the payment please Log Out of your account so that the booster can Log In and do his job. 

If you wish for the order to begin at a specific time rather than Immediately, please tell us by filling the “When Should My Order Begin” field we placed on the Checkout Page.

If the order is already paid, you can tell us to pause the order after we’ve added you on Discord.

You Can Only Log In if our booster is Logged out, you can only do so AFTER Contacting Us and we confirm the booster is Logged Out.

If you log in while the Booster is playing, there is a big risk you will kick the Booster out of the game and your progress will get affected in a bad way. 

Please contact us only via Discord or Live Chat !

We give Progress updates on discord, after you make your order we will add you on discord and we will tell you when our Booster is Logged On, the progress that he made, when it will be finished, and any other additional Information that you request.

You can also add us if you want, here is our Official Discord: cheap-boost#1212

1. We offer the Cheapest Boosting Services in the entire industry.

2. Thanks to our Loyalty Program, the more you buy from us, the Cheaper our services become !

3. Our services are the Highest Quality you can get, because we are a relatively new company, for us to succeed we have to offer the Highest Level Of Service to our customers.

4. Our boosters are eligible to receive TIPS from our customers, this motivates them to do their best during the boosting process.

No, its not a problem at all.

Simply wait for the Discord Friend Request that will be sent to you automatically after you make your Order.

We will ask you on discord for the Security Code if you have 2 step authentification  enabled.

You can also add us on discord, our Official Discord is:  Cheap-Boost#1212

No,  our boosters will never talk to / accept party invites from your Friends

It is simply you giving us Access to your account so we can  Win Games for you, ensuring you get a good start to the new season !

Are Fall Guys Battle Pass Boosting Services
What I need?

For Some FallGuys Ultimate Knockout players getting their Battle Pass Levels can be a real challenge due to Time constraints.

Ordering Your Fall Guys Battle Pass Boosting service from Cheap-Boost will give you a head start over other players!

We have a large group of Professional Boosters who are more than capable of  boosting your BattlePass in a short amount of time.

Buying our Fall Guys BattlePass Boosting service will not only give you a Higher Win Rate and other Rewards in game for the Cheapest Price but we will also finish it fast.

Buying a BattlePass Level Boosting Service from us is extremely simple, all you need to do is select your Platform, your Current Level and the number of Levels you want.