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Frequently Asked Questions

It is very hard for the game developers to justify that you we’re involved in buying gold.

It’s almost impossible for them to trace the gold and to justify that it was sold for real money

The last thing they want is to mistakenly ban someone that didn’t even buy gold thinking they we’re involved in gold buying.

All of the MMORPG companies don’t even really want to punish people who buy gold because they would be losing subscribers.

After you purchase the gold, please follow the instructions we sent you.

1. We Offer Very Cheap AoC Gold.

2. Thanks to our loyalty Program , the more you buy from us , the cheaper our services become !

3.  our services are the highest quality you can get , because we are a  realatively new company for us to succed we have to offer the highest level of service to our customers .

We have a vast amount of Gold on every server which was farmed by our Ashes of Creation Boosters.

Do I Need To Buy Ashes of Creation Gold ?

For Some Ashes of Creation Players Getting Their Much Needed Gold Can Be a Real Challenge Due to Time Constraints / Trolls , ETC

Ordering Your Ashes of Creation Gold From Cheap-Boost Will Get Give You A Head Start Over Other Players.

Our AoC Gold Is Farmed Manually And Is The Cheapest In The Industry.

Buying Ashes of Creation Gold from us is extremely simple, all you need to do is select your Server and the ammount of gold you wish to purchase.

Why should I buy Ashes of Creation Gold?

You will be able to save a lot of time and sweat and in turn the game will be more enjoyable overall.

Nobody likes to spend hours upon hours farming gold.

Buying Our Ashes of Creation Gold basically eliminates the boring AoC gold farming process that is inevitable if you want to reach a reputable position on your server.

MMORPG’s are famous for their time consuming gold farming process, this process may seem fun to some players but for the majority of players the gold farming process is just an annoying set of boring tasks necessary for progression.

Raiding/Castle Sieges are some of the most exciting parts of AoC’s end game but for these amazing end game instances you will need potions, good gear, consumables and other special items but thankfully many of these items you can just buy with gold.

Most of the time, casual players get pushed behind because of real life commitments and don’t have time to farm gold, all we wan’t to accomplish is to make the game more enjoyable for you by removing the boring gold farming process.

Our Gold selling services for Ashes of Creation are extremely fast and secure.


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